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    First – thanks for releasing this! This is a major improvement over EZbridge (since it looks like nobody else is supporting EZbridge yet)…

    The first release fixed a couple of the problems I was seeing on EZB 1.23, but I’ve found these issues:
    1: cannot change password: I get “Old password mismatch” ever time,
    have tried various combinations of old & new PW – same problem
    (I must have the old PW OK since I can log in and use…)
    Severity: minor for me

    2: I don’t see the “Save to file” and “Restore from file” under “Settings
    and Data”. I have entered a bunch of devices and timers, so there
    _are_ things to save.
    Severity: minor now, but would be nice

    3: unable to update an existing timer – on the “Timers” page, select an
    existing timer, change something then try to save, I get “Duplicate timer
    name! Please assign a unique name”. Looks like it still thinks I have
    “Add new timer” in the “Timer list” field.
    Severity: can be worked around, but a bit of unnecessary hassle

    4: doesn’t look like Insteon devices are actually queried – I tried to “turn
    on” and Insteon ApplianceLinc that wasn’t plugged in and it looked
    like it succeeded. Also – when you go to the “View areas” page, the
    status shown for the Insteon devices is wrong – looks like it is just the
    last value shown the last time I had connected. Also – for X10 devices
    you may want to indicate that you don’t know what the status is if they
    are not 2-way devices.
    Severity: major – as one of the selling points for this device is the
    ability to check your house from remote site – and if the status
    isn’t good…..bummer

    Looks like a lot, but for a completely new product I think you’ve done a great job! (Speaking as a SW engineer, so I know about dot-zero releases)

    thanks again

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    Thanks. Glad you like it so far. Just so you know, we are firmly committed to this platform, and the web interface is just the “first step”. Stay tuned for info later this year on EZHomeNet.

    In regards to your comments – thanks and keep them coming!

    Let me try to address your comments:
    1. This does appear to be a bug – we have it recorded and it will be addressed in a future release.

    2. This is something we are working on getting out ASAP – we don’t want you to have to re-enter all of the information you did during setup. Expect a minor release soon.

    3. We are looking into the update – this is still under investigation.

    4. This is a bit complicated. What happens is the PLM from Smarthome currently does not monitor traffic unless the insteon message is directly sent to it or from it… this means that all controllers out there using the PLM are partially blind. We are actively working with Smarthome on this, as well as looking at some alternatives. In the meantime, how do you feel about a refresh button? We can send Insteon status requests out to all the devices on the screen – this will be a little slow, and will only reflect the status when you pressed refresh, but we feel it is the best solution for today.

    Thanks again for your comments, and hopefully years of satisfied use of our products.

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    You can send the PLM a configuration string and it will then see all messages as long as it is in its Link Database.
    Thit is still not 100%; as if the two linked modules can send directly to each other the PLM still may not see it.

    I don;’t think Smartlabs wants the PLM to see all mesages; if not in the link database; as that could lead to snooping on your neighbors setup.

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    I agree – this is what they call monitoring mode.

    We have verified independent of the EZSrve that monitoring mode is not working on 52 PLMs. It did work on a very early PLM rev, and we are not sure where it stopped working. This is one of the things we are working with Smarthome on.

    However, BLH, PLEASE keep the comments coming. Any ideas to help are greatly appreciated. The community can make or break a company.

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    Thanks – it’s nice to work with a company that views its users as an asset.

    As for your responses to my issues:
    1,2,3: sounds good – none are killers.

    4: I understand the issue of not snooping – a refresh button will do just fine – since what we’re really interested in in the state “now”, pushing a button to get it is just fine and doesn’t introduce a whole bunch of polling/refresh overhead

    Also – the EZserve code seems to be working much more reliably than the latest ezbridge did – my wife is no longer complaining that this or that didn’t come on this morning.

    thanks again

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    Pauln; I see on the Smarthome web page the latest PLMs have expanded memory and can do many more links and reported other fixes. Same part number and cost so far.
    I have no idea what they have done and not had too much testing with a FW 61 I have. I know the FW is now higher than 61 as Al’s update of my EZIO2x4 was on a FW62.

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    Just upgraded to 1.0 –

    Does the “Adding an INSTEON device with the ID method” described in the EZSrve manual currently work?

    I’d also agree that issue #4 is very important to solve.

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    We are finalizing the Add Device by ID. We ran into a little snag in that older Insteon devices do not support this, so we needed to add some exception handling.

    It will be released shortly.

    We have also moved up the priority of #4 – you guys will be seeing it soon.

    Thanks for all the feedback.

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    It address some of your concerns – take a look at the post.


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