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    I’m looking to buy an EZX10RF to interface with my security system (which can send X10 commands.) One of the things I want to do is turn everything off when a certain X10 command is received (when the system is armed.) Manually linking is not an option, as I have quite a few inlinelincs that are behind fixtures, and I am not taking everything down to accomplish this!

    My question is…how relatively hard or easy it is to program the links using the provided utility? There are only a few posts relative to using it, and it seems as though people were confused. Can anyone comment on how easy or hard it is to create translation links in the utility? All off is probably around 40 – 50 devices.

    Thanks in advance!

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    The EZX10RF specification indicates a maximum of 30 links. I would suggest calling or emailing SHN support to see if that is still the maximum number of links which can be stored in a new EZX10RF device. Also what device will you be using with the SHN Utility for powerline communication, a PLC or EZSrve? If you have an EZSrve, the EZX10RF could send a message to the EZSrve which triggers a macro which controls a Scene/Group of Insteon devices. This arrangement would not have the 30 device link limit.

    I have used the Utility to manually create links in my EZX10RF and several other SHN devices. It is not difficult a process. It will take time to write 80-100 link records one at a time. I would use the EZX10RF Set button to create the initial link with an accessible responder device. Then use that link record as a pattern for creating the remainder of the Controller link records required in the EZX10RF. Also each Responder device requires a link record be written in the Responder. The Utility works with devices containing a linear link database only. It cannot write link records in a PLC for example.

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