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    This is what I want to do:

      sense a momentary or sustained switch closure (on an input)
      send a Group On message right away
      send a Group Off message after 1 min

    The Utility v1.4 presents a Timer in:

      –> Input and Output Configuration
      –> –> Settings for Insteon All_Link Group Commands
      –> –> –> Timer Mins.

    That looks like it would do the job, but it doesn’t work for me:

      I’ve put a number in Timer Mins for Input 1
      (NOTE: I’ve tried several values)
      Pressed Write
      Pressed Read (number is still there)
      I’ve also pressed the “Save All Changes Permanently” button
      Pressed Read (number is still there)
      I actuate the input 1 switch
      the PLM sends the group 1 on command
      but the group 1 off never happens
      Pressed Read (number is reset to zero)
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    What firmware version do you have in your EZIO8SA?
    This is a new feature added after 2.0 which is why it’s not dcoumented in the quick-guide or command set document.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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