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    I have an unfinished basement that is more like catacombs than a regular cellar. There are several rooms and sections to it and besides the main light switch at the top of the stairs, each of these sections has its own bank of lights controlled by its own Insteon switch.

    I don’t want to link all of these switches to the main switch on the stairs because most of the time when somebody goes down there they just need the lights for the particular section they are visiting. It would be a huge waste to turn all 40 fluorescent tubes on every time somebody just needed to get something near the bottom of the stairs.

    I prefer that the lights in each section only get turned on if they are needed but I still want to be sure that when the switch at the top of the stairs turns off that ALL of the basement light s go off.

    I have plugged a 12VDC wall wart into the crcuit contrlled by the switch at the top of the stairs and it powers a form C relay that is on any time the switch is on. I would like to wire the contacts from theis relayto an input on an EZIO8SA and I would like the EZIO8SA to send a group command shutting off all the basement lights when the relay switches off. I also want to program the EZIO8SA to do NOTHING when the relay switches on. This way the switch at the top of the stairs acts as a master OFF switch for the basement but when turned on will only control the locally connected lights. Am I correct that this can be done with the EZIO8SA?

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    You are absolutely correct. Take a look at the “Guide for EZIOxx Set-up and Configuration Utility” in the downloads section for the EZIO8SA. You will see a section in that PDF (page 5) where you can program the module to issue a command going from off to on and a different one for on to off. So, for turning on, you can have a command sequence of 00 00 (which would do nothing), and then a turn off command to the group when the input goes off.

    Feel free to download the utility (free download) and it will give you a good idea of what you can do.

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    I have spent over an hour looking for this guide… could you please post a link or be more specific. the only guide i can find is a two page quick start guide.

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    I did not find the document Paul referenced but here is how to get to the SHN Utility function he was discussing. First, download and install the Simplehomenet Utility Suite. Invoke the SHN Utility and “Connect” either to a PLC or an EZSrve/EZBrige. Select the EZIOxx tab, the Inputs Settings and Monitor tab, EDIT: “on the right side of the screen, Select EZIO Model, and enter the Insteon ID”, in the Insteon All_Link Group Commands Setting section is the Transition Off to On and Transition On to Off command settings input fields. Specify the Input you are interested in changing and click on Read. This will prime the section fields with the current settings for that specific Input. Make the change Paul indicated and click on Write.

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    Sweet, thank you very much!

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