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    I purchased the ezserve about 4 years ago, and waited for the Harmony GUI to be updated and finished. I have a lot of X10 stuff, but moved over to the otherside when I purchased the EZIO8, and found it is best used under the Insteon network. I’m still using my old X10 home automation Active Home Pro for the automation because the understanding to build conditions used to develop the automation in the Harmony GUI is not very easy to understand. Despite updating my EZServe to the most recent firmware (that was confusing because the instructions took a lot for granted as well) I’ve got it able to trigger my devices, but I can’t get it to automate because I don’t understand the definitions of the operators used to describe their place. Is there a place that I can gather up to date user information or examples that explains the logic behind the words used to make selections in the condition menu and so on, to build the operations necessary to use the Harmony GUI. So far I have found user friendliness to be lacking and noticed the developers have taken a lot for granted when it comes to new comers. I would suggest that once you have perfected a release have a lay person work through your instructions and improve all the things that one has taken for granted (because of their past knowledge), thus giving you a product more friendlier to new persons wanting to adapt home automation but lack the history with such. I do want to start using this investment that I have waited for, but don’t have the time or resources to gather all the history one needs to move forward. Instructions are and should always be the starting point and should include all the necessary information one needs to operate the given device in the manor one has advertised for such. I hope one would see equal investment should be made on instruction, as well development, the two are of the same and will keep bring customers back when they have help overcoming the challenges, building confidence for more purchases, otherwise they will look to something else. Please consider the two parts as if they were one when moving forward, but for now I hope you can point me in a direction so that I can start using my EZServe with the Harmony GUI because I do want to develop it to its full potential.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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