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    Any other users currently using a handheld device PocketPC / Palm / iPhone etc to access their EZServe?

    Would you like to see a simplified page on EZServe formatted for the smaller screens on these devices?



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    I actually voted myself – kind of ironic.

    So, I assume we are thinking of a simple /mobile/default.html webpage which can be viewed on a blackberry / ipod / etc…

    I am sold. Now – the question I want to ask the forum users, clearly you will want device control, the ability to view status,

    what else? what don’t you need?

    also – I assume everyone would prefer basic text / no images – for quick load times.

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    Yes – mostly text for example small images are ok (for status for example).

    My wish list would be:

    Main page that would list all devices

    Device Name Area Status On/Off/Dim/Brighten

    status would be on/off/40%

    This would be an 80% solution for me

    Next would be clicking on Area would list Devices only in that area with same format as above.



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    It will be a mobile page, not specific to a blackberry/iphone/pda of choice at first.

    We will make it touch interface friendly (easy to press a button / text).

    Stay tuned.

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    I simple page would be great. I don’t need fancy graphics, just a way to control and see the state of things.
    Thanks for your continued improvements.

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    My thoughts – since I have and will use my iPhone (both at home and away) to check status and initiate scenes.

    Have a separate Mobile page set that branches from the main. Be able to configure the screen size (perhaps by popular device name, or just resolution), and what scenes or areas are visible and controllable from the mobile device. (basically do all the configuration on the main webpage, just interface and control from the handheld)

    Branch several pages:

    One (or more) for a list of device status and individual device control. Each device should have a simple on/off button. Possibly also a ‘custom device list’ or ‘frequently used devices’, so that it’s quick to get to devices you control from the handheld.

    One or more pages with a set of scenes arranged in large buttons – 6 or 8 on a screen, possibly have them ‘illuminate’ when a scene is active.

    Those would be the basic functions. Perhaps in addition, an ‘ad-hoc’ timer function page could be added, or simple timers be added. Also the ability to turn on/off the Vacation schedule.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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