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    After some initial problems all my timers, including the ones triggered from Sunset, have been running fine until this past Wednesday. We had a very short duration power outage Wednesday morning (less than 10 seconds) whcih seems to have totally confused the EZServe. I had lights going on and off at apparently random times and timers not firing at all. I looked at the status of the EZServe and the Sunrise/Sunset times did not make sense. Based on the strange Sunrise/Sunset times I RESET the EZServe and re-established the time zone. Everything seems to be running fine now. I would expect the microprocessor to be tolerant of a power outage like that. Any thoughts?


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    We are hardening the timezone setting to handle responses like a transient power loss. While we have not been able to duplicate the bug, we have had a few users reporting this problem, so we are taking extra steps to ensure that this parameter is not lost.

    We will have the extra measures incorporated in the next release, v1.51.

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    All six of my Sunset timers worked tonight (Sunday). A Lamplinc, and two X10 only devices were turned on by three of the timers, followed a few minutes later by three more timers that turned each device off. The Sunset timer function has worked all 7 days on my EZSrve at 1.50.

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    For another week I have been unsuccessful in recreating a timer failure. Now have 22 Sunset+ timers controlling 1 Insteon Lamplinc and 3 X10 flood lights. The X10 devices were initially unreliable but this was caused by problems with my power line. The timer commands were always issued and traced by Houselinc Desktop and an X10 Signal Analyzer, even when the X10 devices themselves did not always respond. My EZSrve was originally plugged into a surge protected power strip and I added a Filterlinc between the UPS and the power line. After moving EZSrve to the correct power strip and installing the Filterlinc, I have reliable X10 device response.

    Twenty two timers firing at Sunset+ n minutes

    Sunset+ minutes
    +0 Lamplinc ON F2 ON
    +1 F3 ON
    +2 F4 ON F2 OFF
    +3 F3 OFF F4 OFF
    +4 F2 ON F3 ON F4 ON
    +5 F3 OFF
    +6 F4 OFF
    +7 F2 OFF

    +15 Lamplinc OFF

    +35 Lamplinc ON F3 ON F4 ON F2 ON
    +36 Lamplinc OFF F3 OFF F4 OFF F2 OFF

    Power Line activity monitored/traced by Houselinc Desktop software and a Power Line Signal Analyzer by Monterey Instruments.

    With 1.51 just around the corner, I expect this will be my last full week Timer test on 1.50.

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