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    We have configured ZBPServer to not update itself automatically. But we are continuously adding new features, crushing bugs and making sure you are able to operate smoothly. Sometimes there may be a need to update your ZBPServer Firmware Version, please follow the steps below to perform the update properly:

    The ZBPServer firmware can be updated either through the App or through SSH command line. Both methods are explained below.
    Using iSmartenit to update ZBPServer
    1. Login to your ZBPServer through iSmartenit App. Go to Settings View where you see the IP address, port and Password fields.
    2. Click on info icon “i” on the top right.
    3. You would see Upgrade Gateway button if you have an older version installed. Click on the Upgrade button and wait for about 5 mins.
    4. Login again and check if you still see the Upgrade Gateway button, if you don’t see the button, then your ZBPServer is now at the latest firmware version.

    Using SSH
    1. Login to your Gateway (RaspberryPi/Pogoplug) through SSH.
    2. To upgrade simply type: $zbp-upgrade

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