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    grif091 recently explained to me how to use the ezbridge xml interface to monitor keypadlinc button presses.

    Now, I’m looking to go the other way. Does anyone know how to send xml commands to turn keypadlinc LEDs on and off? (I read somewhere else that you have to establish links from the PLM to the keypladlinc, with a separate group per LED, but I’m not sure if that’s true, or how to do it.)

    Many thanks!

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    The conventional way to do this is to treat each KeypadLinc button as any other responder device. Create a Scene where EZSrve is the Controller, the Unit number is your choice, start with a number greater than 1 and do not duplicate Unit numbers, with whatever KeypadLinc button you want to be a responder of the Scene. The LD1 value should be 100%, the LD2 value should be 0.1 seconds, and LD3 is the group number of the button to be the responder. In 8 button mode KPL buttons Main (A) through H use group number 1-8 respectively.

    Scene KPLButtonA Unit 11 LD3 1 for button Main (A) (Group 1)
    Scene KPLButtonB Unit 12 LD3 2 for button B (Group 2)
    Scene KPLButtonC Unit 13 LD3 3 for button C (Group 3)
    and so on for each button to be a responder.

    EDIT: forgot the xml. The group is the Unit number of the Scene. cmd1 0x11 is On, 0x13 is Off


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    Thanks for the great instructions. You’re amazing.

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