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    I have a ~4 year old (guess) EZRain with PLM v52, an I2 engine, and firmware v20 in it. I’m an Insteon developer and user and I recently decided to ratchet up my EZFlora/EZRain device interface to the next level. By “interface” I mean the various methods I use to communicate with the device (i.e. a unique “ezrain” class file in my object-oriented host application program). I’ve had the device supported and in use for several years but thought I would try to take advantage of more of the functionality.

    I decided to try and take advantage of the ED 0x40 Set Sprinkler Timers command since my EZRain has the I2 engine. I’ve experienced spotty results where the programs don’t seem to have the effect they should, nor the effect they have through the peek/poke approach to programming. Today, I downloaded and installed the latest version of the SHN Utility and decided to look at how it sets/gets the programs. Despite the fact that it detected my I2 engine on this device, it still uses the peek/poke approach. Is the ED command version actually even in use and/or tested by smartenit or any developers out there?

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    The currently available Utility uses Peek/Poke to read/write EZFlora Timers.

    I am working on a new version which uses extended commands to read/write Timers if the EZFlora indicates it has an I2CS Engine. The I2CS PLM drops peek/poke commands.

    Sample command trace from new version where Manual Timers are read and then updated with new values.

    1 :9 0262 176F25 032800 06
    1 :11 0250 176F25 13AC99 2B2800
    1 from ID:17.6F.25 flags:2B cmd1:28 cmd2:0
    2 :9 0262 176F25 032B2A 06
    2 :11 0250 176F25 13AC99 2B2B28
    2 from ID:17.6F.25 flags:2B cmd1:2B cmd2:28
    3 :9 0262 176F25 030F00 06
    3 :11 0250 176F25 13AC99 2B0F3F
    3 from ID:17.6F.25 flags:2B cmd1:F cmd2:3F
    4 :9 0262 176F25 030D00 06
    4 :11 0250 176F25 13AC99 2B0D02
    4 from ID:17.6F.25 flags:2B cmd1:D cmd2:2
    5 :9 0262 176F25 034500 06
    5 :11 0250 176F25 13AC99 2B4500
    5 from ID:17.6F.25 flags:2B cmd1:45 cmd2:0
    5 :25 0251 176F25 13AC99 164100 1E1E1E1E 1E1E1E1E 00000000 0000
    5 from ID:17.6F.25 flags:16 cmd1:41 cmd2:0
    6 :23 0262 176F25 1F4000 1E1D1C 1B1A1918 17000000 0000EC06
    6 :11 0250 176F25 13AC99 2B4000
    6 from ID:17.6F.25 flags:2B cmd1:40 cmd2:0

    I do not have an estimate for the new version which will not have an effect on your situation anyway since the PLM does not identify itself as having an I2CS Engine.

    Peek/Poke should work on your older EZFlora.

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