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    Here is a link that I thought you might want to see. If people can not get support in there software for your products I would say the will decrease your sales. 😯

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    Thanks for your thoughts. Indeed, we are counting on getting broad support from software vendors such that our sales will make this worthwhile. The comments on the HS thread are partly right but wrong on a very key point. In other protocols like Z-Wave, a profile is defined for a given class of devices such as thermostats or lighting, which standardizes the command set and expected device behavior. It has taken several years to define the few profiles out there. The controlling software still needs to know about that profile and command set in order to effectively support the device. Special code is needed to support each device profile. This is the same for Insteon but definition of profiles beyond lighting have ocurred much more rapidly. Manufacturers work with SmartLabs to define command sets within pre-assigned “DevCats” and these codes (Device Category, Device Subcategory, Command Tables) are controlled by SH and shared with all software vendors. Documents outlining this and the current commands is available to all software developers at htttp://
    We are doing our part seeking support from the various software manufacturers and provide them with whatever they need including product samples. The end user, however, has a very strong voice in getting these software manufacturers to apply resources to support badly needed products.

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    Are you working with anyone on the Indigo platform?
    I would like to intergrate all of your products.
    I do have a PLM that I’m working with the lighting.[/url]

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    We are working with Matt Bendiksen and he has access to our products as we release them. Perhaps he can better outline a division of labor so there is no duplication..

    Please e-mail your plans/proposals to

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    Are you working with anyone at Promixis concerning Girder?


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    Not at this time. Though, we encourage users to ask the companies for product support. The company is more than welcome to contact us for assistance in getting device support for our products.

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    Are you working with anyone from Smarthome that’s doing their HouseLinc Desktop software?
    They now have support for your EZIO2x4 but still haven’t done anything about support for the EZIO8T. I got one of the first 8T’s and have been waiting for some time to use it with HouseLinc Desktop. Right now it sits – gathering dust! Imagine my surprise when a later released unit – the EZIO2x4 became supported but my older 8T still hasn’t gotten support.
    If you are working these issues with Smarthome, please let us know what’s going on here.

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    We are working with them but are not knowledgeable of their release schedule.

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    The last update added a few new modules as mentioned and added a Link for being a Beta Tester. So things are at least in the works. Smarthome has a policy of no comment.

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