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    Today I grabbed the SHN Utility source code from SourceForge and ended up getting an older version – 1.6 instead of the newest 1.75.

    Is there any way you could update SourceForge so we could help make this program better?

    For example, I can see why the “Delete Macro” command is crashing. The “Delete Macro” command is looking into the list of timers, not the list of macros, to determine which to delete. Since I have no timers, it results in a “null reference exception” – even if I had timers, I assume this would mean it would delete the wrong thing.

    I would fix this bug myself and submit the update if I wouldn’t be downgrading the source code in the process.

    Also one other thing I’d do is add the ability to create macros that respond to double-taps and holds on the Relay switches. Currently SHN Utility only allows macros on “ON” and “OFF”, yet these switches can produce a bunch of other events that lend themselves well to being macro triggers.

    Please update the source if possible! (or if the newest is already there, please suggest what I might have done wrong to get 1.6 instead, as I haven’t used SourceForge much in the past.)

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    I will look into the source and make sure it is up to date. Are you looking at the download page or SVN?

    I checked the download section just now (looks up to date) and I will make sure the SVN is correct.

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    Yes, I was using SVN.

    Also would you be willing to add me to the developer list so I can post my changes back? I have never developed on SourceForge so I’m not sure if that is necessary, but if it is, I think the community will benefit from what I’ve got to contribute.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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