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    The EZX10RF can relay x10 signals.

    Using the Utility; if an x10 House Code/Unit Number is assigned an Insteon Group number in order to convert the X10 signal to an Insteon signal AND the same X10 House Code/Unit number is selected for the EZX10RF to relay that same x10 House Code/Unit number will it be relayed or does the selection of converting the X10 House Code/Unit Number to an Insteon Group Number over ride the relaying of the X10 signal?

    I am finding that for the motion sensors I’m using, the House Code/Unit Numbers I am converting to Insteon signals are NOT relayed by the EZX10RF even though they are selected. My question is: is this correct operation of the EZX10RF?



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    Hello Bob,

    Thank you for your question.

    If you are using an X10 signal to trigger an INSTEON scene, the EZX10RF will not also send the X10 signal on the powerline. That is normal operation.

    Best regards,


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