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    Hello, I have the EZIO8SA attached to my Insteon network and was able to successfully integrate my ComPool network using the EZIO8SA as a bridge. This was all fine except every now and then the EZIO would “Flip out” to elaborate, many of the output relays would begin clicking on and off in rapid succession, I notice that physically touching the unit would sometimes cause it to stop its irregular activity.

    So basically, my reproduction steps are:

    1. Take unit out of box it was shipped in
    2. Connect to PLM using CAT5 RJ45 Connectors
    3. (Optional) Connect extra power 12v power supply to the unit
    4. Linked unit to Insteon controller ISY-26 (able to communicate with the unit)
    5. Link the R*_CM terminals to “GND”
    6. Connect the 24v equipment relays to the R*_NO terminal
    7. After some time notice sporadic clicking noises and the rapid opening and closing of relays.
    8. Physically interact with the EZIO8SA by moving the board (still inside its casing, the board moves only a few millimeters) inside via any of the connectors
    9. Notice that the sporadic activity may stop (90% success rate)

    It seems to be the same set of relays acting up, so I’m leaning toward a bad unit, anyone have any experience with this sort of thing?

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    3) Exactly where are you adding the extra 12 Volts. The EZIO8SA uses the PLMs power supply to run it.
    Maybe the added 12 volts is messing up the normally used PLM supply or are you just using the added 12 volts for supplying power to devices on the outputs.

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    the 12v can be added on the TB1 terminal on the one labeled +12V
    The unit still experiences issues with or without it.

    And when its powered, you can unplug the PLM connection and it still has the same issue.

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    Give us a call or drop us an email. Something definitely doesn’t sound right.

    Phone: 877-495-0144 or 949-429-3303

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    Well, I found a solution to the issue.

    The problem was caused by interference on the AN1 and AN2 inputs, putting a 330-OHM resistor across the Inputs and GND stopped the rouge behavior. Unfortunately I don’t have an EZbridge or a PLC to use the software to disable those inputs, this was the next best thing.

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