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    I’m trying to use a little Android tablet as an EZServe interface. It works OK with the Harmony (flash) interface – little slow, but otherwise fine. If I try to go directly to the EZServe web interface, both the default Android Brower (I’m using version 2.2) and most of the ones I’ve tried from the Google store keep asking me to log back in when I switch areas. If I cancel the log in I can continue to work, but it’s annoying. This does not happen when I switch from Areas to Actions and Holidays, Device Addition/Change/Removal, or Administration. The one webv browser I found that doesn’t do that also hangs most of the time when I try to switch areas.

    Anybody got suggestions for an Android (2.2) browser that works with the EZServe native web interface?

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    Gonna revise my opinion of the Harmony interface – it doesn’t scale well on the small tablet – which has a 7″ screen. I can’t see all the areas and that area display doesn’t scroll.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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