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    Thanks to everyone for their help getting my EZRain to work with V2.01. Was user error but I thought I’d share the correct process and screens to help everyone else.

    Set your condition according to the screen shot below. Don’t forget to hit [SAVE] before [BACK] or changes will be lost


    Then in the effects screen make sure your select STATUS and not CONFIG from the attribute drop down


    The codes (provided by grif091 – many thanks) are:

    Postby grif091 on Thu Jul 09, 2009 8:43 am
    To control individual EZFlora valves On and Off or to turn a Program On with an Actions Effect specify Attribute: Status with the following Values…

    00 – valve 1 Off
    01 – valve 2 Off
    02 – valve 3 Off
    03 – valve 4 Off
    04 – valve 5 Off
    05 – valve 6 Off
    06 – valve 7 Off
    07 – valve 8 Off

    80 – valve 1 On
    81 – valve 2 On
    82 – valve 3 On
    83 – valve 4 On
    84 – valve 5 On
    85 – valve 6 On
    86 – valve 7 On
    87 – valve 8 On

    20 – Program 1 On
    28 – Program 2 On
    30 – Program 3 On
    38 – Program 4 On

    I have not found a combination that results in Program x Off.

    These findings were developed by watching the Insteon commands being issued by EZSrve for an Actions Effect with a Condition of At Time: Absolute =. I do not have an EZFlora to confirm the device responds but the Insteon commands issued track the EZRain Command Set document.

    You have to click Save on the Condition screen, click the back Icon, then click Save on the Action screen for an update to take effect. I was changing the Absolute= time to 1 minute ahead of current time to determine the status value combinations and the Action always triggered. Be sure to Save on both the Condition screen and the Action screen. No need to move off the Actions function let alone close the browser. [thanks grif091]

    You can check to see if the ACTIONS.XLM file has updated here:


    Click LIST FILES, then ACTIONS and you will see something like this:



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