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    split please

    i have several places where i can’t hide a wall wart – and the insteon devices have degraded my x10 signal to the point that my x10 outlets are hit and miss

    seems that an outlet is a basic component that has been missing in the insteon product offering – be the first to fill that gap and prove once again that capitalism works – (yeah – we are willing to pay a hefty price for one)

    put me down for 10 of them

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    I would also love some of those! However, that is not in our plans right now, and they are some very busy plans.

    Keep an eye on the website and I think you will really like what you see during the course of this year.

    Also, please keep providing us input and feedback – I don’t want this to be a discouraging response. Ultimately, the customers drive what we do, both from a feature base and quality aspect. Any ideas you or anyone else have and contribute, the better we can serve you.

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    guess i need to buy a couple of boosterlincs

    but good to hear the brainworks here are committed to bringing us insteon products – the market may be small, but we are hungry for insteon products

    i think i’ll obsess over the exsnsrf awhile 😉

    thanks for the reply

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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