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    There does not seem to be a sub-forum for this, so I am posting here.

    I have a SHN ZigBee Dongle. Ping response indicates firmware 3b, I don’t know if that
    is current or not.

    Anyway, i can issue a number of commands, but I have a device with an install code
    that I’ve generated a link key for. But the register node command appears to do
    nothing. The exact sequence is:

    Setting link key
    Writing: 02 00 09 18 00 02 52 cc 00 00 51 ed 08 1c 0c ba 26 a3 58 1b 92 94 bc 87 21 44 8c e1 60

    And then I get no response.

    Obviously when the end devices tires to join it then complains about keys (although I
    do see the join attempts on the USB serial interface.

    Is my firmware too old? Do I have the wrong key of USB controller?


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    Hello there,

    We haven’t officially released an SE (Smart Energy) profile version of our USB stick yet, so you’re working with an HA (Home Automation) profile stick and trying to join SE devices to it.

    Installation codes and registration are not used in the HA profile.

    HA and SE devices are not interoperable.

    You must have an SE coordinator to join an SE device.

    Unless you’re part of a utility that allows joining SE devices to your meter, or you’re specifically doing SE testing…you should really be purchasing HA devices.

    I hope that helps.

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    Right, understood. It wasn’t clear to me if the USB key was SE or HA.

    We are presently evaluating ZigBee as a whole, although SE is our real focus, and my understanding of all the parts remains incomplete.

    Nevertheless, we would be interested in (unofficial) SE versions of the USB stick (whether coordinator or not). The SE devices I want to control are beyond my control as far as choice.

    Thanks for your response.

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    Ok, sounds good.

    We don’t have an option for firmware upgrade of the CID on our website, but you could purchase the EZSrve upgrade and put in the notes that you want the release candidate SE coordinator USB-CID version and that you spoke to me. This would cover the upgrade as well as shipping back to you, assuming you’re in the US.

    You did mention, coordinator “or not”…and with that in mind, we do have a ZOE-VIPD firmware which is an SE router that I could put on the stick as well. If you’d prefer a router, because you’re using a meter as the coordinator, we could do that too. Just indicate in the notes when you purchase the upgrade and send the device to our address, listed on the website.

    Thanks much!

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    if the choice is between coordinator or not, then I think we want both versions on 2 USB keys. The router’s interesting, but it’s not what we want to look at right now.

    If that makes sense, I’ll go and make the order.

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    Oh okay, we can do that.

    So you have two sticks now…or you’ll need to purchase another one?

    If you have two sticks, just send them both in under one upgrade purchase. If you have only one stick, then when you purchase the other stick make sure to note that you want it to have the SE coordinator (these will have production certificates on them, unless you really need a test cert…then please specify)…and then purchase the upgrade for the one you’re sending in, and note that you want that to be an SE ZOE-VIPD.

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