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    I’m not sure what happened, by a few days ago I was unable to log in to the gateway from my computer, with it saying “Authentication Error”. Strangely, I was still able to log in from the app, with saved credentials. I did not change any passwords. The gateway is also now not found during Discovery, but it seems to connect (but not authenticate) manually. Anyway, in the process of debugging, I hit the “Recover Password” button. The email it sent looked like this:


    Your temporary password is:

    Remember to change this password in your next login.


    An empty password didn’t work either, and now I can’t log in from the app.

    I’m able to telnet/ftp in and saved all the files I could access. So, can I do a factory reset from the pinhole button, and restore my previous settings? Any other avenues of debug I’m leaving out?


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    If nothing works, then login to your Harmony Gateway using an FTP client, for e.g. filezilla.
    Host: IP address of Harmony Gateway
    user/pass: root/Smartenit
    port: default FTP port, don’t change

    once you login, you will see a few files, like nodes.bin, config.inp etc..

    Open the config.inp file. Replace the password with 09cbef6f2f30e9bf9a202c53142295478786d5f3
    So make sure the password looks like below:
    password=09cbef6f2f30e9bf9a202c53142295478786d5f3 # Encrypted pwd for authentication purposes

    Close and save the config.inp file. Now reboot your harmony gateway and you should be able to log in to the App with the password Smartenit. If the App continues to give you Authentication Error, then that might be a bug in the WebApp, please let me know how it goes.

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    That worked, thanks! I think something got corrupted somehow. I now see approx 75 devices in the Default area with names like: “Device (XXXX)” where XXXX is seemingly random hex numbers. I’m deleting them one at a time, we’ll see what happens.

    BTW, is there a changelog for the new firmware release?


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    If you delete the nodes.bin amd reboot then it should start without any devices.

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