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    If I’m using a Palmpad that allows 16 HC/UC combinations does that mean the single Palmpad unit will take 16 out of the 20 X10 addresses supported by the EZX10RF ❓

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    If you use all 16 House Codes and Unit Codes that is 256 addresses.
    The EZX10RF can translate all 256 X10 codes and sent them back on the powerline to control X10 modules and devices. No Insteon translation tables used. You can disable individual X10 Addesses if you don’t want thet exact address rebroadcast on the powerline.

    I have never tried all 20 addresses of X10 to Insteon so that data I can’t help you with.

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    The limit of 20 addresses is not really of the addresses, but how many unique ones can be supported. Think of it as if you had a 40 (20-pair) button keypad where you could assign any house/unit to any of the buttons. So, button 1 could be A1, button 2 M2, button 3 B5, etc., until all 20 positions are used.

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    Thanks for the replies, I now understand about the 20 unique addresses and that the device can past X10 codes on the powerline to control X10 devices.

    Another question: Can you use multiple devices in the same house and configure certain devices to only handle certain codes?

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    you can use multiple modules to handle more Insteon codes, but make sure you filter out (using our utility) the X10 passthrough, otherwise the X10 messages will collide.

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