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    I have a number of outletlincs. I’ve noticed that EZServe cannot determine the state of these devices. I presume that it is because these devices are not “responders”, it is not possible to poll the outletlincs. Tho, I’m confused, I think the desktop home management software was able to poll for this information. Why can’t this product?

    I thought INSTEON devices acknowledged their status when they were turned on or off? This behavior was supposed to make the whole system more reliable.


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    We are going to look into it immediately. I am not sure why yet – we will investigate.

    I am assuming you do not have an issue controlling the module – say via the control screen or timers. The issue is just in regards to polling the status.

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    My EZServe is still having issues polling ApplianceLincs and ICON Appliance modules. Control isn’t an issue (most of the time except for one problematic location in my kitchen).

    However, most times after the polling popup has disappeared, the results show are not right. Right now 5 of the 6 devices show off although all are on.

    Does EZServe do the same to pool as the XML in EZbridge:


    This code seems to always return the correct value (0x00 for off, 0xff for on) for all of my devices.

    It also seems like when I have SHN running the web GUI seems to return better (i.e. more accurate) values for the devices.

    I just noticed – in SHN in the “Data Received” window on the EZBridge Control tab – should I see polling commands sent to each device in the current area when I hit the “Get Area Status” button?

    I’m seeing what looks like one command that has more bytes than the docs indicate for the SndIns command:


    or is this just the EZBridge ACKing the command? (not sure what the leading 0x02, 0x62 are but the trailing 0x06 is the ACK, yes?)

    I see two of the 6 devices being polled this way…???


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    Control of the devices seems fine. However the device type still shows as OTHER. I cannot seem to find OUTLETLINC in the list of device types and it will not accept changes to device type anyway.

    I have a keypadlinc dimmer in my system and cannot get it to delete. I wanted to re-add it as the correct type. But no go.

    As you add more device types, how do you correct the device definitions for the new devices that have to now be configured as OTHER.

    Thanks, Lee

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    I have also seen KPLs with firmware >1.5 being misidentifed by some software and hardware interfaces.
    Smarthome had to update its Device ID list to include the OutletLinc IRLinc and the Thermostat Interface in HouseLinc Desktop. So I guess other vendors may also have to update their lists. of assigned Insteon IDs.

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