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    I’m reading the “EZIOxx Advanced.pdf” that I just downloaded. It says it, “Applies to firmware 2.0 and above.” The back of my EZIO2X4 has a small sticker on it that says, “v1.1”. Is that the revision to which the documentation is referring? If so, how can I either update my firmware or get older documentation that is relevant to me?

    I’ll submit a separate issue about the commands I’m seeing, that simply don’t make sense according to this documentation.

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    The 1.1 sticker is not the EZIO2X4 firmware level. Use the Simplehomenet Utility (free download), connect to the PLC or EZSrve, select the EZIOxx tab and enter the Insteon address of the EZIO2X4. The firmware level is displayed below the Insteon address field.

    EDIT: The last EZIO2X4 I ordered is firmware 2.5 and it is older than yours.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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