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    When I initially installed the Harmony Gateway using the iSmartenit app on my iPhone, it asked for:
    – Name
    – e-mail
    – password
    – Recovery e-mail
    – Gateway password
    – Security PIN

    I am able to log-in to the gateway via iPhone (because that’s what was used for initial set-up) but want to log-in via a web browser (figuring a keyboard would simplify adding devices). When I enter the private IP of the gateway into the browser window, it responds with a log-in pop-up window asking for User Name and Password. What do I enter into the User Name box? I’ve tried all combinations of Name, e-mail, and recover e-mail but nothing works. I’ve also tried combinations with the password and Gateway password in the password log-in box. Which item from the six set-up entries should be entered into what box of the log-in pop-up window?

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    – Name: We use it to look up your info during a support call.
    – e-mail: Used to Log in to your Account. All your gateway settings can be stored on the cloud, so that you can access you Gateways from anywhere.
    – password: Password for account.

    – Gateway password: Password to login to the Gateway. By default is Smartenit. Since you can login to Gateway without using the my.smartenit account.
    – Security PIN: Used to change security settings on the gateway. Also used for devices such as door locks.
    – Recovery e-mail: Stored in the Gateway in case you forget the Gateway password. The Gateway will send a temporary password to this email you provided.

    So to answer your question:
    When you open the App, it will ask you to either login to your my.smartenit Account or create a new one. Enter the email address you used to create the Account. If you forgot password then click on forgot password next to Keep me Logged in.

    For additional info please refer to

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    When I attempt to login to Gateway without using the my.smartenit account by typing the Gateway private IP address into a browser on the private network (e.g. entering into address bar), the Gateway responds with a Authentication Required pop-up window asking for User Name and Password. I understand this is where I use the Gateway Password, but what do I use for User Name? I’ve tried both the e-mail I used for the account and the Recovery e-mail and neither works.

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    Post count: 6

    Thanks Dhawal. The login works.

    What I was after was a way to set up the gateway from a computer. Entering and naming multiple devices is much easier with a real keyboard! I have since learned that thee best way to do this is with the iSmartenit AIR application from which essentially is the iSmartenit app that runs on your desktop in a browser window. Very nice indeed!

    Thanks to you and Justin for the wonderful support!

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