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    I can see that the flash interface is continually improving and seems to be getting more stable. I have a few usability items that I came across that I think could improve it even further.

    Sorry in advance for the long post. This is targeted mainly to simplehomenet staff, but perhaps the community has additional comments. Also, I mention using this on the iphone, which I realize does not support flash at this time. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the rumors will come true, and flash will be enabled, but we’ll see. I don’t really know how other mobile devices act in the situations I describe below.

    — The on/off switches for the simplistic devices (switchlincs, dimmers, lamplincs, etc), the On / Off should be clickable. As it is now, I have to click and drag the slider to go to full on or full off, even for a relay. While this is a minor thing for a normal computer/browser combo, this could greatly affect the usability when someone tries to put this on a mobile device. I think iPhones in particular have trouble with click-drag (“trouble” meaning “not supported” last time I checked…don’t know if this was resolved with the 3.0 OS). Even for a dimmer, I will frequently want to go all on or all off and skip over the dimming, so it would be nice to just have to click once.

    — The pull-down menus for the EZFlora are…shy. I click on what looks like a text entry field to bring up the menu, but as soon as I move the mouse down into the menu, it disappears. I have to click, then click and drag into the menu, and only then will the menu stay after I release the mouse button

    — The setpoint slider in the thermostat should be draggable (sp?). It seems that right now, I can only move the slider in 0.5 degree increments using the arrows on either end. Add in the small delay after each click, and it takes a while to move very far. On the other hand, once you have programmed the thermostat, you will in theory only need to move the setpoint in small increments after that, so maybe this is just a preference. I still think programming it to begin with would be tedious with the current module.

    — Can you add a way to import our own pictures for each of the Areas? I see there are more pictures than before, but it would be a nice touch.

    — The menus don’t seem to resize nicely. I notice this because my IE window’s viewable area is smaller than usual because of the google toolbar and a larger windows task bar, but I’m again thinking about mobile devices. Taking the “New Area” menu (menu isn’t really the right word…dialog?) as an example, I can’t see the Save button at the bottom without dragging the dialog up (again, dragging is problematic). At least that dialog can be dragged, unlike the settings windows that come up by clicking the circle in the upper-right corner of a device’s box in the main screen.

    — I really appreciate how you deactive certain inputs after choosing between Absolute, Interval, etc in the Conditions menu. I think that makes each of those choices much more clear. I noticed that Random is only available for the last option, “Random Around Time”. It seems to me that the random offset could be useful in some of the other choices as well, like fire an event almost every hour (interval), except that sometimes it is less and sometimes more than an hour. Or maybe the outside lights turn on near sunset, but with a random offset.
    Is this sort of thing technically possible with the current V2? I don’t really have concrete use cases, but thought I would mention it. Maybe someone else can provide one.

    — It’s a little confusing to get out of the Conditions menu. You can’t go to another section like Areas or Scenes because the Device Effects frame is covering those buttons. And to get to the Effects menu, you have to double-click the stopwatch. I think this is again caused by my smaller viewable window, which pushes those bottom buttons up underneath the Device Effects frame, but maybe the frame should also shrink to accomodate the buttons below it.

    That’s all I’ve got for now. Thanks for the improvement so far.

    B A

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    Your comments are being considered and incorporated on future builds.

    Yes, you will be able to upload your own icons. No matter how extensive we build a library, there will be many disatisfied people calling them “butt-ugly” or something nicer… The emphasis now is on completeness, stability and fucntionality. Cosmetic dress-up will follow.

    Coming up:
    1- EZIO classes
    2- EUIRT, EZSnsRF, EZX10RF classes
    3- Discovery, upgrade and file management of EZSrve
    4- More navigation improvements..

    Stay tuned and thanks!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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