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    I am a noob on this stuff but I am getting most of this stuff working just fine.

    One issue I am having is that I have just installed a 3 way Insteon Switch (2494M3). In the instructions, it details how to use the switch(es) as a responder to a controller. The instructions indicate that, at the controller (EZSrve), one must hold the set button down to get it into link mode. Then tap the set button to get it into multi-linking mode. After this, you need to set both 3 way switches to link mode by holding down their paddles for 10 seconds.

    Everything above seems to work except for the second action on the EZSrve (tap the set button to get it into multi-link mode). When I do tap the set button, the unit stops flashing entirely and there is no linking at all (except between the switches themselves since I set linking mode on both switches as the switch part of this instruction set). I see no mention of multi-linking in my EZSrve manual.

    Anyone know how to get the EZSrve into multi-linking mode or did I do it correctly and I just have a household electricity phase issue (no link). I am waiting for an Access point pair to be delivered as I know it is an issue with one of my switches.

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    The instructions for the switches are referring to manual controllers like another switch, keypad, or remote control for example. Adding devices to the EZSrve is done through the web interface, not through the tapping of the set button.

    You’ll want to install, at the very least, the primary switch(the one controlling the load) in your 3-way scenario into your EZSrve database for remote control of your lights.

    If you want all switches in a multi-way setup to be in the same status as the primary switch, however, you’ll need to add all switches to the EZSrve database and then create a scene in which the EZSrve is the controller and all the switches in the scenario are responders.

    Instead of cross-linking INSTEON switches manually, by adding all the switches to the EZSrve database, you can easily cross-link them so that all switches will control each other and they’ll all be in the same status, ON or OFF.

    I hope that helps ūüôā

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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