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    I’ve noticed that after reboot my devices appear in the Web interface much more slowly than with 1.6. I have about 20 insteon devices, 20 X10 devices and 15 scenes. It often takes 10 minutes or more for all to load. Is this expected?

    Would a corrupt actions.xml file cause the EZSrve to become unresponsive? I had noticed yesterday that the actions.xml file downloaded from the device appeared to be truncated. I added more actions today, then went to modify a scene. The device become unresponsive (never got patst the updating scene dialog – when I cancelled it brought up the login dialog and appeared to have rebooted on its own). Subseqently , I found that the actions.xml file appeared unchanged (the new actions weren’t added) and after all of the devices finally loaded, the web interface became unresponsive again (this time only the devices/actions page would load. I ultimately reset the device and have started again.

    Any ideas would be appreciated.

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    If the Actions file has been damaged in some way I would clear it with the following command

    which should create an empty Actions file. Run this command through the Control tab of the SHN Utility. This command can be run through either 1.81 or the 1.81 V2 version I sent you. If using 1.81 the lower left side of status line will not show EZSrve 02.00 image level when connecting to the EZSrve, the right side of status line will show connected. Restart EZSrve after running this command to be sure it is not running with the old damaged file.

    Of course the Actions will have to be redefined but I don’t think they are working if the Actions file is damaged. Having to relogin after doing a functional activity generally indicates EZSrve has restarted itself do to a problem it detected. Having a damaged Actions file could cause this. The exception to this is trying to LIST FILES under IE8 not in Compatibilty View mode which is an issue with IE8 support in native mode.

    Also be sure you are running with the DevClusters.xml file that came with the 02.00 package.

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    Thanks for the response and the modified SHN utility app. Unfortunately, I’m having trouble getting the modified app to work and will have to set it aside until this evening as I’m off to work..

    I think that I did what you suggested, though in a different way:
    1) reset the EZSrve using the “RESET” button on the administration page
    2) reloaded devclusters.xml, devices.xml and areas.xml (I’d saved these previously)
    3) Waited ~20 minutes for everything to reload
    4) Added several new actions
    5) Tried to export the actions.xml file. Viewing through the web browser gives an error. The downloaded file is below. These are the last 2 actions I entered – the second is truncated (both weren’t there before reset). Interestingly, the web interface still shows all of the actions and the timers entered prior to the last 2 macros appear to work.
    Thanks for any further input.

    Active=”1″ />


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    I would try clearing the Actions file again with the

    command and then issue a

    to confirm that a empty Actions file is displayed. This can be done on the base 1.81 version of the SHN utility through the Control tab. If the results are as expected, add one Action and then issue another Read command for the Actions file to be sure that one action can be added correctly before adding the some 10 Actions that your last post indicates are there (Rec=”10”).

    Be sure to Restart EZSrve after Read confirms the Actions file has no Action entries.

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    Thanks… I’ll try that tonight.

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    Update: Thanks for the help. I was able to clear the actions file using the SHN Utility as you suggested. Unfortunately, when I restarted the device it was unresponsive. To make a long story short, I was finally able to downgrade to 1.60, went through the upgrade process again, and had similar symptoms (very slow web page response, very slow load of devices). I’m out of ideas and out of play time, so I’m back to 1.60 for now.

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