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    We have gotten some very good feedback in another thread for 1.55, we have not ignored this, it will be in the next release.

    We have released a 1.55 version of the firmware, please be sure to read the release notes


    The image can be downloaded from our download section or here:


    In regards to the changes, they are:

    – Device Management: Eliminated possibility of corruption of the scenes by combining scenes information into the and devices XML database.

    – Device Management: The entire network can now be saved into a single file. This also means that a new installation can be done entirely from a file that is edited off-line and uploaded to the EZSrve. The EZSrve would then physically write all the device links. The EZSrve itself can now be displayed as a device and its links can be separately synchronized to the devices file.

    – Macros: Expanded functionality of the time settings including sunrise-sunset windows. Screen was also made more intuitive.

    – One can now set the timezone using either NTP or locally entered time.

    Major Issues Handled
    – Corruption of scenes file, resulting in failed timers and macros. The scenes file is now read-only and derived entirely from the devices database.
    – Firmware upload now gives an indication when completed. The system resets itself and requests a login.

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    Download from above link and download from Download section of web site results in image.bin that says 1.54 as level.

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    I have been trying to download the new image for 2 days now and all I get is a page not found error (404) from any link I try. I have tried from 3 different computers in 2 different locations.

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    1.55 has been re-posted – along with some further maintenance fixes.

    There is an outstanding known issue – if there are multiple macros set to trigger on the same event, it could cause a lockup. The temporary resolution is to put a delay of a couple seconds between macro events set to trigger on the same device and the same event for that device.

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    The EZSrve is doing everything I need it to today. The v1.55 firmware let me past the 16 link barrier in the KeypadLinc so I am in good shape. I just might buy some more INSTEON modules now.

    thanks Simpelhomenet

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