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    I have a KPL in 8 button mode and can only get any of the buttons to link to manual zone 1. After some attempts, I deleted all the link records and did a factory reset on the KPL. I then tried to manually link button A to zone 1 (9 taps), button C to manual 1 (1 tap) and button D to Manual 2 (2 taps). All the links seemed to be accepted by the EZRain. I set Program 1 Zone 1 to 0 minutes and Manual Zone 1 to 1 minute. Pressing button A, C or D all run zone 1, which would appear to all be the manual zone.

    The list of links from the Manage Links Tab shows:
    Link Record 1–Flags:A2; Group: 1; ModuleID:8.46.D8; Data: 0,0,0
    Link Record 2–Flags:A2; Group: 3; ModuleID:8.46.D8; Data: 0,0,0
    Link Record 3–Flags:A2; Group: 3; ModuleID:8.46.D8; Data: 0,80,0
    Link Record 4–Flags:A2; Group: 4; ModuleID:8.46.D8; Data: 0,0,0

    My EZRain ver is 042807 firmware 20. My Houselink version is, the latest update.

    1-Any idea what’s going on with my manual links?
    2-Why do I have two records for Group 3?
    3-How do the Edit and Add link functions work?
    4-Can we get some more information about the Flags field values?
    5-What does the Data field represent?
    6-Can this be used instead of the tap/link process?

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    When you say manually link button A to zone 1 (9 taps) we think you mean program 1. Zones (valves) 1-8 are 1-8 taps, and programs 1-4 are 9-12 taps. No taps is the All-Link status snapshot (whatever state the EZRain is in at the time of linking.
    We are working on a revised manual for our utilities which will explain the link record in detail. For now, please note:
    – The flags (A2) indicate a slave record.
    – The middle byte of the data is 80 for All-Link snapshot or 0 for zone (valve) or program number, where 0 is valve 1 and 8 is program 1.
    You can delete a given record and then add a new one. This way you can force the least significant data byte to be the zone or program you wish. However, the program will not write the corresponding link in the KPL database. Thus, it’s best to link each KPL button manually, and then, if needed, adjust the records on the EZRain with our utility.

    Are you tapping the button on the EZRain?

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    Thanks, your reply helps. If I understand correctly, the middle byte will be either a 80 or 0 depending on the link method, and the LSB will be 0 through 11, for valves 1-7 and programs 1-4.

    So in my example above, all my links ended up for valve 1, with link 3 being created by a snapshot link. However all the links I made were by tapping the EZRain between 1 and 8 times, before tapping and holding for 4 seconds to complete the link. I could see the blue led blink each time I pressed the button.

    I am going to delete all links and start off from scratch. I will also try using the snapshot method to see if my results are any different. Being able to view the actual links created will be very helpful.

    Your last comment seems to indicate that you have to go through the manual link process at least once with the KPL, at which point you can use the Manage Links screen to make changes to the valves/zones linked. Also, deleting a link via the Manage Links screen does not delete the link between the KPL and the EZRain, so if you reassign the KPL button to another device, standard delinking procedures need to be followed.

    If I misinterpreted something or you have any other suggestions, please let me know.


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    Here is an update (short version):

    I made several attempts to link individual valves to individual KPL buttons, but none were correct. I found it much easier to created the links for each KPL button using the snapshot method, and then using the Link Manager modify what zones/program are controlled.

    I did find it very helpful to put the KPL in a Tabletop Box (SH part 2290BW) while doing the linking and programming. It was a simple matter of plugging in the box into the nearest outlet, either near the EZRain, computer or window. When I’m done the KPL then gets wired into the wall.

    The programming with the Link Manager went fairly well. I found that deleting and adding multiple links sometimes locked up the EZRain. I the end I made one change at a time and then re-read the links after each change. I one case I had to re-read twice before the latest addition showed up. The process was slow, but I was able to make all the individual and program links I wanted.

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    Over the weekend I lost all the links to the KPL. I had just recently added x10 addresses to the KPL buttons and maybe this caused it. After using the Linking Manager to add back my KPL links, everything seems to be working correctly again.

    My linking was done using a combination of methods: Manual (tap/tap), Houselinc, and the ISY-26 interface to the PLM.

    Question for SimpleHomeNet:
    Is there a particular order and method of linking that is better to follow
    for particular devices: EZRain, PLC, PLM, Insteon devices, X10 addresses or should any of this be irrelevant?

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    There really should be no particular order, unless, as you discovered, a particular action like linking to X10 wipes out the links. We recognize that links management could be the biggest helper in the implementation of Insteon and are working hard to bring you a complete solution. Watch for a combined utility from us coming next week (still free) and the upcoming server based on the EZBridge.

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