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    First, thanks to everyone who has posted and/or responded on the forum – searching through your issues and solutions has help an enormous amount in setting up my own EZSrve and EZIO6I configuration and integrating them with various Insteon controllers and responders.

    I encountered a strange set of events today and thought someone might have seen similar occurrences but didn’t find any forum posts on the topic –

    We experienced a pretty severe storm overnight with lots of lightning. During the storm we had a momentary power outage that was severe enough to reset all of the electronic clocks in the house. My wife mentioned that the front porch light (on a SwitchLinc 2476D) was on when she looked outside after the storm. I thought I should look at the various devices on the system and see if there was anything unusual. I found the following using the SHN utility to query various devices:
    – The SwitchLinc that was on had lost all of its links
    – The EZIO6I had lost all of its links
    – The EZSrve had 16 links in place with the following pattern in the links:

    I was able to restore the link information on the devices via the Links XML in the web based interface and manual entries using the utility. I tested the restored devices and everything is working OK.

    It certainly elevates the priority of making sure to have a backup copy of the various XML files and I am pleased that the restore mechanisms work without too much hassle.

    Anyone have similar experience and or insight into this type of event?

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    The memory in the SwitchLinc and the EZIO6I is non-volatile. Normally you can remove power from an Insteon device without any adverse affects. Sounds like some kind of power surge or very short interruption that may have caused a Factory reset to occur which does clear the memory. No clear explanation for this part of the problem.

    The link records you posted for the EZSrve are not really link records. You cannot use the SHN Utility connected through the EZSrve to read or write link records in the EZSrve. This would require the Peek/Poke commands issued by the SHN Utility, through the EZSrve PLM, to be responded to by the same EZSrve PLM and that is not within the ability of the Insteon hardware architecture. Because the Peek commands are actually failing, the data echoed back in the cmd2 field is the same data that was issued in the Peek command in the cmd2 field. For example, the low order address bytes for link record 1 are F8, F9, FA, FB, FC, FD, FE, FF. The F9 group number is the 2nd byte in the link record located at F9. The Insteon address is located in bytes 3,4,5 of the link record which have an address of FA, FB, FC respectively.

    The link records in the EZSrve may or may not have been destroyed by the same power outage that took out the SwitchLinc and the EZIO6I link information. Regardless, the lesson learned here is to have accurate XML information, located on the PC as backup, that can be used to SYNCH DEVICE to restore any lost link database, including the EZSrve (internal PLM) itself. Note that the EZSrve has no problem restoring its own link database because it uses the serial interface to the internal EZSrve PLM to read/write the EZSrve link information.

    A little off the original question but it is not uncommon for a KeypadLinc to come up “dark” after a power outage as you experienced. That is, all the LEDs in the KPL are dark and the buttons do not respond. The solution is to pull the air gap switch for 10 seconds or so and then push it back in being careful not to push so far in that it initiates a Factory reset. This has happened to me a few times over the years and is documented on the Smarthome forum. In my case the link database was not lost and cycling the power with the air gap switch brought the KPL back to fully functional without addition work.

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