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    what would be super cool is if there was a device that could send IR codes based on insteon extended messages, and receive IR codes and send them as an insteon extended message(s). Could be implemented using the RF side, or powerline, (powerline will most likely need a cord so you can locate the device close to your IR gear (TV’s, receivers, etc)

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    What about software to support this? How would Homeseer, Houselinc, et al. support it?

    What about a device that does what you suggest, and in addition, the following:
    – Built-in IR sensor, and provision for an external one with a standard 3.5 mm audio jack.
    – Receives X10 IR codes and passes them all to the powerline. Does it with all house codes.
    – Optionally converts X10 IR codes to Insteon (like the EZX10RF)
    – Jacks for 4 IR emitters, each capable of driving dual emitters. Thus, capability for up to 8 emitters in blaster mode.
    – Settable frequency for the emitters with 38Khz nominal
    – Functions as IR distribution box (as described above with the external sensor and IR emitters)
    – 8 dedicated learnable codes sent when corresponding Insteon group commands received.

    How much should something like this cost??
    What should it be named??

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    Whoa, didn’t expect that! cool though…

    as with all new devices, integration would have to “happen”.

    I was thinking more along the lines of a LIRC blaster via insteon..
    as far as the software support, it could respond just like a native LIRC device, the exception being that the commands would be sent via insteon rather than USB or serial or IP, etc…

    you could also implement this as a “duo” pair… two devices, one set up as a receiver, and the other set up as a transmitter, linking the two together with a standard insteon link.. kinda like the old X10 extenders, but over insteon.

    Just in case your not familliar with the project, lirc is Linux Infra-Red Control, and has been ported to win-lirc, etc. Lots of support for this project, both in the linux world, and windows world.. It basically remaps IR codes to commands or “keystrokes” per se.

    I like the 4 IR emitter idea for the blaster mode..

    My reason for suggesting this is more for the “geeks” out there like me.. I’m a heavy linux user, and currently trying to implement your products into LinuxMCE (see



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    In response to your last two questions…

    Cost: depends on how you want to implement it…
    how about if it’s implemented in as a standard module (like EZrain) with IR plugs for blasters/Receivers… cost probably about the same (the actual cost of parts should be less than a EZrain)

    I understand it’s not the cost of the parts, more the cost of the code…

    or, implement it in a “box” like the EZBridge, with a power cable..

    names? heh, the first one that comes to mind is EZ-LIRC, or EZUIRT
    (I like the second one, EZ Universal Infrared Receiver/Transmitter)

    Thanks for your response!


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    Dan, thanks for all the suggestions and comments!
    We are doing a bit of a pre-announcement as we have a unit that we showed at EHX last week and expect to ship before the holidays. I like EZUIRT, although we have the product already labeled EZX10IR. Size is the same as the EZX10RF with the jacks protruding like the EZIO2X4. See separate forum section we just opened for this device..

    Price has not been set yet.

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