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    Hello all, let me describe you my configuration so you’ll understand better my question:

    I have a PowerLinc V2 USB and an EZRain unit (brand new just got it from Smarthome, so I assume the firmware is recent)

    I’m working on my Home Automation project which includes Irrigation (but not only).

    The whole system is controlled by the software ECS (http://www.omnipotencesoftware.com/) running under LINUX (Fedora Core 6). Recently Mark Gilmore (developer of ECS) added EZRAIN to his supported devices.

    As far as I’ve understood, in order to have a PowerLinc V2 unit to receive (read) messages sent by the EZRain, they have to be “LINKED”. Am I right ?

    Apparently there’s no problem for the EZRain to receive (and execute) commands sent by the PowerLinc V2 USB even if they are not “linked”.

    Now my question: How do I “link” an EZRain unit to a PowerLinc V2 possibly without using the MS Window application ? I got this procedure:

    press/hold the EZRain button until the led blinks slowly
    press/hold the PowerLinc button for 10 seconds, then release
    verify the linkage by assuring that the EZRain LED is now
    steadilly on (not blinking)

    It does not work for me, simply because I cannot get the EZRain LED to blink slowly after pressing the set button for 10 secs. After pressing the set for 10 sec. the LED does just a flash and that’s it.

    Any Idea will be very welcome…

    regards Fulvio.

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    There is a typo in the commands, try the following:

    -press/hold the PowerLinc button for 10 seconds then release
    -the PowerLinc button LED should now be blinking
    -press/hold the EZRain button for at least 3 seconds, the LED on the PowerLinc should now be solid, verifying the link was made

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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