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    Trying to set up links have a EZIO2X4 and a EZIO8SA plus 2 Toggle link relay switches. Have SimpleHomeNet Utility Suite and SmartLabs Device Manager for the PLC (USB and Serial). My comunications are just fine but I am at a loss as to what codes to put where. I can link the Toggle sw delete the links and then use the software to repete works good but I can not figer out what hex codes were to , for example link Input 1 to a toggel link, have no problems with the hex address of the mod.

    Also I see that there are many post as to upgraded firmware, where do we look to be sure we have the lattest, would think it is listed in a table somewhere on your website??

    Whate about the loss of i/o 6sec issue I read much about it but no resulution?

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    Please refer to the second page of the EZIOxx Command Set document available from the downloads section for advanced details on the EZIOxx.
    There is also a document expalining links and link records entitled “of Links and Groups”. For specific questions, please call our hotline.

    As for the 6-second delay we don’t know what you are referring to. We’ll be happy to ensure your EZIOxx is up to date and working as advertised.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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