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    I have been using the Smartenit iOS (iPad and iPhone) interface for a few days now and have a couple of suggestions…

    1. The password field always highlights the first character typed. This causes the password to be wrong since you end up typing over the first character every time.
    2. Select dialog interface should be changed to a drop down instead of the scroll wheel. It is hard to select an item when there are lots to choose from.
    3. Getting to a detail of an item should use the tradition iOS interface of an “i” inside of a circle (i) instead of the current click motion. It is frustrating to try to slide a dimmer control and keep getting to the detail page.
    4. It would be good to have a “Edit” mode and a “View” mode. The view mode would allow the user to only use the app and not add/change the areas, devices, wizards, and scenes. This would make it easier after you have it all setup so that a user wouldn’t accidentally change anything.

    I really like this interface it is sooo much better than the old web interface and the older flash interface. Thanks so much for the improvements.

    If you need any details or more information about these suggestions please ask. Thanks,

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    Thanks for your feedback. We’ll look into these and fix them in future versions of the App.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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