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    There seems to be a conflict with the Documentation on EZIO. the Quick Start Guide shows leads 1 and 3 controlling input 1 and leads 6 and 7 controlling input 3. The Config Utility version 011307_2 indicates that Input 3 is on/off by manipulating Leads 1 and 3, and Input 1 is on/off by manipulating leads 6 and 7. These are in conflict with each other. Which way is correct? Can you update the utility and/or the Documentation.

    Also in the command document, I THINK are set for Input 0 thru 2, (that really is Input 1 thru 3). That needs to be a little clearer. I understand why.

    Can you provide a simple schematic showing how to wire inputs 1 and 3 using a 10K 1/4 W resistor?

    You also have a spelling error on the Main Configuration TAB of the configuration utility. On the Second line, Continuos is misspelled. It should be ‘Continuous’ 🙂

    EZIO with a reported Firmware level of 3

    The config utility also is dropping leading 0 (zeros) on the manage Links that have been read from the device.

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    We sincerely appreciate the feedback.
    Since the Config utility does not refer to actual hardware pins, we are curious as to where it says to manipulate specific pins. Please tell us. Also note that the input connector diagram in the quick-guide correctly shows the pin numbers and corresponding signal names.
    Inputs 1 and 3 can be either pulled down (to ground) or pulled up (to +5V) depending on how you want the sensor connected. A dry-contact can be set up as either. If you want the contact closure to be an ON signal, place the resistor between the input and GND, and the contact between the input and +5. Conversely, if you want the contact closure to represent an OFF signal, place the resistor between the input and +5, and the contact between the input and GND. NOTE that on input 2 there is already a pull-up internally and a contact closure can only be connected to make the input OFF when the contact is closed.
    We’ll update the quick-guide with a schematic of the above description.
    Thanks for pointing out the spelling error. We’ll fix on the next revision.
    We’ll also fix the missing leading zeros.

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    The EZIO8T Quick Start Guide shows
    J3 pin 1 as Input 1 and Pin 6 as Input 3

    this is different as the are represented in the Config program, refresh the config, as you toggle the inputs

    You will see Input 3 change states as you play with J3- 1 and Input 1 change states when you play with J3- 6

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    I see the problem,
    On the SMARTHOME SITE, when you download the Quick start guide, it shows the inputs in the right order, on the one on the Simplehomenet site, it lists the inputs in the wrong order. Also one the Smarthome site, the document shows j3-2 as +5 10 Ma, and the Simplehomenet site it lists j3-2 as +5 @50Ma.

    SO you have different versions of the info sheet out there, and my guess is that it got messed up during the update 🙂

    Suggestion 1 is that you rotate the RJ45 180 degrees, its too hard to unplug the RJ45, the tab is buried.

    Suggestion 2 is that you swap the LED and Tap-Button locations, its too hard to hit the tap button with the LED sticking out.

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    We’ll update the documet and the utility to be consistent and ensure Smarthome and Simplehomenet have the same versions.

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