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    I need some help here…

    Intro: I have just gotten the first KPL, and I have linked it with a test load (lamp) just fine. I also have the RemoteLinc controlling the load, so I established a cross-link between the KPL and the RL. So far everything is good. I can turn the load on or off from either device (KPL/RL), and the LED on the KPL is reflecting the correct status of the load.

    Problem: I also have an action defined in EZServe that will turn on/off the load/lamp; however, I cannot get this action to correctly reflect the load status on the KPL.

    I have tried to link the KPL as a responder to the EZServe using both the set buttons and the Utility Suite, but I am not getting anywhere.

    Please help!

    +++ Christian +++

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    If that is a new KPL it is an I2CS device which the EZServe does not support. I2CS devices use different commands to manage link records.

    I believe the new Harmony Gateway is required to handle I2CS devices.

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    Grif – Wow – that was fast…

    Thank you!

    It is a brand new KPL, so I guess I just wasted a day… Oh well, I still learned a lot…

    Thanks again!

    +++ Christian +++

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    Hello Christian,

    While your EZSrve does not support I2CS decides, it can be upgraded to do so.

    The upgrade path for your EZSrve can be found here –

    The scenes management is currently in beta release, so you will have scene support, but it’s still in development.

    Let me know if you have any questions on this upgrade.

    Best regards,


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