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    The EZIO8SA manual says this:

    Inputs I1 – I4 can be used in a
    way that the signal source is totally isolated from the
    EZIO8SA, as may be the requirement for certain alarm
    panel monitoring. In this case, the input must provide a
    voltage between 3 and 30 VDC, connected between the
    positive (Ix+) and negative (I1– or I2-) terminals. If
    isolation is not required, these inputs can easily be
    connected to “dry” contact closures such as those from
    external relays, proximity detectors or door closure
    sensors. In this case, connect the positive (I1+ or I2+)
    terminal to the +12V terminal, and the contact closure
    between the negative (I1- or I2-) terminal and the GND terminal.

    I have DSC alarm panel, with a 4-wire motion detector. Two leads are power, two leads are “normally closed” with resistance of 90 ohms read at the alarm panel. There are no resistors in-line with the motion detectors. Am I correct to treat the motion detectors as “dry” contact closures? The last sentence above is confusing– do I run a line directly from say DI1+ to the +12v terminal on the EZIO, and then take the two contact leads and screw one into DI1- and the OTHER lead to the GND terminal? I’m not sure what that would accomplish. When the motion sensor triggers, it closes the connection, therefore connecting DI1- right to GND. How will that trigger the EZIO?



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    Hello Starmanj,

    You mentioned that the two leads are “normally closed”, but then say that when the motion sensor senses motion it closes the connection…which would be considered normally open. Do you know if this is a dry contact closure?

    The EZIO6I requires 3-30 volts to trigger an opto-isolated input to send out an INSTEON command. Being that you want to ensure that you keep the 90 ohm resistance between the two leads so the sensor doesn’t look like it’s tripped when it’s not, how to connect the motion sensor to the EZIO6I and then to the alarm panel could be a challenge.

    If you could post a link to the DSC manual and let us know exactly what you’re trying to accomplish, we might be able to help further.


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    This was worked out on the ISY forum. Use the link below for “How To”..


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