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    I have an Insteon Minotaur 3 wire water sensor I’d like to hook up to the 8SA. Tried putting red wire to +12v, black wire to I4-, and ground to GND but it won’t trigger when wet. The 8SA manual, for some strange reason, says you can use I1-I4 but then only discusses using I1 and I2. So I wonder which is it– can you use any of the 4 inputs as dry contact closures? Or maybe the water sensor isn’t dry contact–

    However the instructions for the sensor, written for the Insteon IO linc, suggests the sensor should be hooked up to the “sense” line. Would this be the same as AN1 or AN2? Should I connnect red to +12v and black to AN1? I assume then I’d get a range of voltages– anything above 2.5v would trigger an “off”?

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    This has been resolved on the Smarthome forum.

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