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    The Holiday feature was a convenient addition. However, if I have timer events that I want to run on Holidays and certain other days (like weekends) I have to have duplicate entries. It would be more convenient to have the timer setting allow designating timers that run on a holiday as well as any other designated day of the week. Currently, if you mark a timer to run on a holiday, it disables it for any other day.

    In my setup, I have the EZServe controlling a hot water recirculation pump, as well as exterior lighting. On holidays, I would like the timers to run the same schedule that I have set up for Saturday and Sundays.

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    You may be able to accomplish what you want by manually editing the tag values in the timer XML file, setting to 1 the specific days of the week and the holiday bit. I change this parameter to all bits off (0) to effectively disable a particular timer. Certainly not as elegant as being able to do it through the GUI but if it works would avoid the need for duplicate timer definitions.

    I would add to this request the ability to set all check boxes off so that a timer can be disabled. Perhaps removing all the GUI logical validation and letting the user decide what is most useful.

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    It would be a nice enhancement to allow a date range, or a starting date and then a number of days of continuation. I’m thinking Christmas lighting. I got around it by just making it operate everyday and then at the end unplugging the lights until I got around to taking them down, but to have this in the GUI would be great. Or, perhaps allow a Macro to operate on a date range.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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