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    A new update on ZBPServer is available for HarmonyP2 customers.

    To update from ZBP v1 to v2, follow steps below:

    [Note: We don’t yet have a tool to convert your devices, wizards and scenes from our v1 database to the v2 database. So after this upgrade all the devices, wizards, scenes will need to be rebuilt]

    1. SSH to Harmony P2. default credentials: root/Smartenit@105

    2. Uninstall ZBPServer:


    3. Install latest ZBPServer:

    If you use an external ZigBee radio

     wget -O /usr/bin/zpt-get http://repo.smartenit.com/scripts/utils/zpt-get.p2; chmod +x /usr/bin/zpt-get;zpt-get update;zpt-get install zbpserver

    If you use an internal ZigBee radio

    wget -O /usr/bin/zpt-get http://repo.smartenit.com/scripts/utils/zpt-get.p2;chmod +x /usr/bin/zpt-get;zpt-get update;zpt-get install zbpserver-internal

    4. Wait for install to finish and then reboot


    Contact us support@smartenit.com / (949) 429-3303 for any questions. Our support team is awesome ūüôā

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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