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    Changes in the PLM firmware version, beyond our control, have made it difficult for applications to manage the links databases in our devices. Specifically, the database that was always predictably located from memory location “0FF8” changed to “3FF8” in some devices and “1FF8” in others.

    To remedy these concerns and future proof further database location changes, SimpleHomeNet devices will begin to implement having database location accessible by either ping request or product data request messages.

    Specifically, the MSB of the database (0F, 1F, 3F, etc…) will be retrieved from the CMD2 of the ping acknowledge message or the 9th byte of the product data request response.

    ping request example:

    5/3/2010 15:38:04.794 [TX] – 02 62 01 73 8E 0F 0F 00

    5/3/2010 15:38:04.802 [RX] – 02 62 01 73 8E 0F 0F 00 06 Send Raw INSTEON

    02 50 01 73 8E 01 DB FE 2B 0F 3F INSTEON Received

    product data request example:

    5/3/2010 16:36:40.730 [TX] – 02 62 01 73 8E 0F 03 00

    5/3/2010 16:36:40.733 [RX] – 02 62 01 73 8E 0F 03 00 06 Send Raw INSTEON

    02 50 01 73 8E 01 DB FE 2B 03 00 INSTEON Received

    02 51 01 73 8E 01 DB FE 16 03 00 00 00 00 01 04 00 00 28 3F 00 00 00 00 00 INSTEON Received

    Firmware Version # = 28
    MSB of database = 3F

    Additionally, database link records will now be read using extended commands. The link records will need to be read one at a time, however, as mutli-read capability has not been made available for PLM’s.

    Reading first record example:

    5/3/2010 16:17:10.387 [TX] – 02 62 01 73 8E 1F 2F 00 00 00 3F FF 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00

    5/3/2010 16:17:10.395 [RX] – 02 62 01 73 8E 1F 2F 00 00 00 3F FF 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 06 02 50 01 73 8E 01 DB FE 2B 2F 00 INSTEON Received

    02 51 01 73 8E 01 DB FE 1B 2F 00 00 01 3F FF 01 A2 03 0A E4 67 00 00 02 00 INSTEON Received

    Lastly, the INSTEON developer’s guide(p.85) mentions to always set the LSB of To Address of SET Button Pushed Broadcast Commands to 0xFF. Since most applications still use this location to acquire the firmware version, this will be put back in that location. The firmware version and MSB of the database can both be obtained from a product data request. Firmware version will be located in the 8th byte of the response, and MSB will be located in the 9th byte.

    Free Upgrade through the end of August 2010:

    SimpleHomeNet will offer free firmware upgrades to customers that send in their units and provide a postage paid label to return their upgraded units.

    The EZFlora is the first device to have received the new firmware…but this post will be updated as soon as the other devices have been upgraded.

    Thank you!

    The Staff at SimpleHomeNet

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    This is great news Justin:

    Do you know when the new firmware will be available for the 8SA?
    I need to start a project soon and the thought of 8 IOLincs on the wall is not elegant but is currently the only solution that works well under ISY control.


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    SHN will have to provide information on firmware updates. However, the EZIO8SA uses an external PLM so there should not be any linking problems today. What kind of problem are you having with the EZIO8SA.

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    gviliunas, if you want to pursue the EZIO8SA situation open a topic under the EZIOxx category to take the discussion off the Announcement category.

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    Maybe I am reading too much into the promise of a solution for compatibility problems when using SHN EZIO products with the ISY-99. …
    There have been long-standing incompatibility issues related to the ISY not receiving updated status from EZIO inputs as these change. There have also been problems with EZIO device outputs not responding if these were added to ISY scenes or are attempted to be controlled by KPL buttons.

    It is my understanding that no versions of EZIO8SA or 8T currently work with ISY and that “some” versions of EZIO2X4 and EZIO6I work “to some degree.” Unfortunately, you have to buy and try to determine if an individual unit works or not. Hmmmmm

    Below are some example threads on the web site and there is an entire category dedicated to EZIO device incompatibility issues on that site:

    I have first-hand (negative) experience with the EZIO8SA a year ago when I had to replace 2 SAs with 12 SH IOLinc modules. My “showplace” panel became a wiring nightmare and my customer was not very pleased. He is however, now happy with the IOLinc reliability and functionality.

    I love the IDEA behind the EXIO products but also love the ISY as an inexpensive yet powerful controller. I especially like it for its ease of management and program development. I tried the EZServe but there were far too many mouse-clicks involved in configuring 70-100 device installations. I thought EZServe would be okay for small installations. I loved the built-in web server that I had intended to use this to drive N800 keypads but this wasn’t to be. My final straw for that product was needing to TFTP restart after performing firmware upgrades.

    I sold my EZServe but still have the 2 EZIO8SAs. I have (some) hope that one day SHN and UDI will get together and find a solution that will allow the EZIO products to work within an ISY environment. (Or someone else will develop an ISY-compatible multi-channel IO module.) Michel (UDI Engineer) alluded to a possible SHN fix in the works for problems with the EZIO per Justin (SHN). I was hoping that the upgrade mentioned in this thread was the “promised fix.” Griff, In reading your response, I don’t think that I should get my hopes up quite yet…..but I love to be surprised.

    Using the 8SA is not on my “daily radar” anymore. Please let me know if I have made any errors or omissions here of if I have missed the release of a solution and just don’t know it 🙂

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    The location of the link database in PLMs has been changing over time. The PLMs which support 2000+ links start the link database at 3FFF, the PLMs which support 1000+ links start at 1FFF and some older internal PLMs start at 0FFF. There was no definitive way to query the PLM to determine the link database start address. Products such as PowerHome2 allow the user to specify where the link database starts for each device and the EZSrve uses the MSB= tag to allow the link database start location to be specified. The ISY must not have surfaced a means for the user to specify where the link database starts. SHN is working on a firmware change that will add the link database start location to the Ping command and Product query command so link database start location can be determined by whatever application is interfacing to SHN devices. IMO Smartlabs should have added this capability to the PLM but in absence of that SHN is filling the void for its products. As this is an SHN product specific change I guess the ISY will still have issues with other devices that are using External PLMs. I have ordered an ISY today so I will be able to test specific configurations with the ISY.

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    The UDI folks have a 2.8.0 in Alpha status that works with all the SHN devices I have on hand to test against. That included the EZIO8SA. The SHN device support is solid on the last 2.8.0 build I tested. Due to delays in other function being added to 2.8.0 it is still labeled an Alpha so you have to request access to it with an email to UDI support. I think you will find the SHN device support much improved on this ISY firmware level. The EZFlora support in 2.8.0 requires the upgrade described in this thread.


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    Could you list all the SimpleHomeNet products that are affected?


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    If affected you mean need upgrading to work on 2.8.0, the EZFlora is the only device and only if you want to use Scenes (Groups) to control EZFlora valves. The EZFlora devices work on 2.7.15 when using Direct valve control. I tested various SHN devices both old and new on 2.8.0. That included EZIO2X4, EZIO4O, EZIO6I, EZIO8SA, EZX10RF, EZSnsRF and v28 EZFlora. These tests covered SHN devices with the small and large link databases. All the SHN devices that the ISY supports worked on 2.8.0.

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    Hello Phil,

    The EZRain can be upgraded to the latest firmware when you purchase the upgrade here –

    If you’re like to upgrade your hardware to have the water meter and rain sensor interface as well…you can purchase this upgrade –

    When you purchase the upgrade, you’ll send it to our address with the order number as the RMA. Of course, this’ll mean you won’t have irrigation while the device is being upgraded…but our turn around time is 1 business day. So, if you get expedited shipping both ways…you shouldn’t be at a risk for drying out your lawn.

    I could see if I could make you a refurbished unit to purchase at a discounted price…but the discounts for refurb units are only 10-15% off the new price, so might not be the best option.

    I hope that helps!


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    Hi Phil,

    I’m able to upgrade the V1 EZRain with new firmware for $30…if you don’t need the hardware options, then there is no reason to purchase the upgrade or buy a new one, necessarily. A new one would give you the more efficient PLM which has a cooler running power supply, however.

    You can borrow the 2413S from your ISY-99i and use it with the current version of the SHN Utility.

    Hope that helps.

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