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    I have a EZX10RF 5010G that I ordered on 11/11/2007 from Smarthome and it won’t communicate with my 2414U powerline interface any more. I programmed the EZX10RF OK when I first received it, but can’t communicate with it anymore….

    The wireless X10 connection seems to work, but the EZX10RF won’t
    communicate by Insteon to my 2414U module anymore. I have installed
    SimpleHomeNet Utility Suite (with the appropriate *.asp to communicate
    with the 2414U). SimpleHomeNet connects to the 2414U OK (updates, and
    reads OK) and I was able to initially program the EZX10RF this way.
    For the past few weeks however, SimpleHomeNet connects to the 2414U OK and I can see the EZX10RF light flashing when I give SimpleHomeNet the Insteon address of the EZX10RF, but the EZX10RF won’t respond to the 2414U. SimpleHomeNet always times out the Insteon communication.

    I also use the 2414 with HCA software -where it works fine when HCA is running.

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    Please call or e-mail product support for an RMA.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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