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    A couple of years ago, I bought an EZX10RF to replace a TM751 transceiver. It drove my all-X10 system insane and I couldn’t figure out why at the time, so I pulled it and went back to the TM751. Recently, I bought an ISY-99i controller and wanted to expand my wireless capabilities. So, I pulled the EZX10RF out of storage and figured out why it was messing up.

    The EZX10RF’s problem is that it echos a totally superfluous House/Unit code for every powerline X10 signal it receives. This is shown in the following examples, copy-and-pasted from an elderly Smarthome Manager software install running on WinXP with a USB PLC, which I use for troubleshooting. Comments are added later and preceded by dashes.

    < >

    All I want to do here is to turn one light (C1) ON and another light (C2) OFF using a manual 4-unit controller.

    EZX10RF is installed. I press button on manual controller to turn Light C1 ON.
    R: C1 – 12:41:29 PM 4/26/2012
    R: COn – 12:41:30 PM 4/26/2012
    R: C1 – 12:41:30 PM 4/26/2012

    Superfluous; Sent by EZX10RF

    NOTE that C1 is lurking in data stream

    Later, I want to turn light C2 OFF, so I push button on controller.
    R: C2 – 12:41:44 PM 4/26/2012
    R: COff – 12:41:45 PM 4/26/2012
    R: C2 – 12:41:45 PM 4/26/2012

    Superfluous; Sent by EZX10RF

    BOTH C1 and C2 go OFF because of superfluous C1 sent by EZX10RF. Now C2 is lurking in data stream, waiting to make trouble.

    < >

    Compare to normal operation when wireless remote button pushed. This works ok.
    R: B1 – 12:42:47 PM 4/26/2012
    R: BOn – 12:42:48 PM 4/26/2012
    R: B1 – 12:42:52 PM 4/26/2012
    R: BOff – 12:42:53 PM 4/26/2012

    < >

    EZX10RF unplugged. Compare to EXAMPLE 1—same button sequence. This works correctly.
    R: C1 – 5:24:42 PM 4/26/2012
    R: COn – 5:24:43 PM 4/26/2012
    R: C2 – 5:24:55 PM 4/26/2012
    R: COff – 5:24:56 PM 4/26/2012

    This success proves that the EZX10RF is the problem. Nothing was changed except unplugging it.

    What is the problem here? Can I force the EZX10RF to stop sending that superfluous code? (I have the SHN Utility Suite up and running, if that helps, but I don’t know how to use it.) Is it a firmware issue? If so, is there a reasonably priced upgrade available that fixes the EZX10RF? What do I do now, folks?


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    Select the type of Controller the SHN Utility is going to use (Use EZBridge, Use PLC, Use PLM) and click Connect. Click on the EZX10RF tab. Enter the device address into the EZX10RF Insteon ID: field. The firmware version will be displayed in a few seconds. In the “Setup X10 House/Unit Filter” section select the House code C from the pulldown. Click Read button. After busy indication in the lower right corner of the Utility window goes back to Ready, are the Unit codes checked? If so uncheck the Unit codes being used and run your test again. Also what is the firmware level displayed when the Insteon address was entered.

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    Nuts! I now know why SHN Utility Suite won’t work: my troubleshooting system is obsolete! I use a Smarthome 1132CU as a PLC and it doesn’t do Insteon. Thus, I can’t get to the registers mentioned. Before trashing the EZX10RF again, let me ask a few more questions.

    Is there any other way to get to the EZX10RF’s registers? I have a new ISY-99i, which I’m still learning how to use. Is there any program written for the ISY that lets me change these registers?

    I see a Smarthome 2414 being cleared out for $39.99. Will it work with the SHN Utility Suite without additional software? I really don’t want to shell out over $100 for a current model that I would use for 5 minutes.

    Is there any place that would rent an SHN-compatible PLC for a day or two?

    I regret having bought the EZX10RF. Is there some other device which provide a more solid RF connection than the TM751 plus the X10-Insteon bridge function at a reasonable cost?

    Nuts again,

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    Hi Jim,

    You could borrow the PLM from your ISY to use with the Utility Suite…since you only need to use it to change some settings, and then put it back on your ISY with no harm done.

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