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    I am a 3rd-party app developer using the EZSrve XML socket as a bridge to the INSTEON network. I’m running the V1.59 firmware. I’m writing this post in order to clear up an assumption I’ve been operating under for a while now.

    In the past, it seemed that if I didn’t “sleep” ~1s between subsequent commands written to the socket then either some commands would not make it or, worse yet, the EZSrve would overload and freeze up. Can anyone confirm whether or not I need to do this? For what its worth, I’m using the SendInsteon command. For experimental purposes, I just lowered the delay to 1/4s and it seems to work OK but I am nervous to make a decision on this without some input from the community.

    Having to delay between commands is unfortunate when commanding a larger set of devices (say, a set of lights all being turned on) because any delay above a few ms is very noticeable. Is this a real requirement or am I just being overly cautious? Any feedback or advice from other users would be much appreciated.


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    I’m very interested in the answer to this as well as I just recently ran into it. I had previously been sending ON/OFF commands to a single device, but now wanted to control 2 different devices and was quite (badly) surprised when I couldn’t just send the XML right away. One of the big attractions to using the EZServe was that I THOUGHT the SimpleHomeNet folks had told me I didn’t have to worry about such timing issues.

    My ezserve is now running the latest 1.60 firmware and I’ve got 2 Insteon light modules which I want the ezserve to be able to switch both on/off as close to together as possible. There is no other controller which switches both of those as a scene. Can I define a scene that is triggered by XML input which will switch on/off both devices at the same time? While doing a scene might be an option in this particular case, the ability in general to send multiple Insteon signals with minimal delays is very important to me.

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    The following XML sends a Group command sequence for the specified Group and Command. I tested this through the SHN Utility Control tab and confirmed that my EZSERVE as Controller Unit 20 Scene controlled both Responders with the single XML command. The expected Group Broadcast message followed by a Group Cleanup Direct message for each responder was issued. Two responders are in this particular Scene, an ICON inwall Switch and an EZIO2X4 Output Relay. Of course Insteon supports more responders in the same scene. This test was run on an EZSrve running image 1.60. Group commands are how native Insteon devices control multiple responders, provides near simultaneous On/Off operation with the ability to have each responder react with its own Bright level and Ramp rate.


    I have no definitive information on XML command spacing.

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