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    I didn’t see a thread just for this, so I figured I’d start it. I am new to the device, but I have some comments to start this off.

    It appears that there are behavioral issues between browsers. For example, when I setup on and off events for X-10 devices, I offset each action between devices by 10 seconds to help improve reliability. On some browsers, reviewing the time offset shows the correct delays. On others, it shows the maximum delay -1 second.

    In another scenario, exporting/importing XML required a filename and worked. On others, it repeatedly asked for the user id and password and would not work.

    In another situation, the successful definition/modification of an item is dependent on the order of GUI entry selection and [Save]. It is possible for the user to think that something has been added/modified, when it hasn’t. The only sure way to know what you have is to list and examine the XML.

    Another situation… Loading XML for actions (only one tested), hung the device. The XML was 100% clean and simple. This may be a parser issue (not sure).

    You may be aware of these behaviors, but I will make a recommendation… Standardize on one browser and once that is 100% stable, work to fix the bugs on other browsers, using the standard browser as the control. Otherwise, you are going to have too many break-fix-break cycles.

    (off-thread, but…) I would also like to know if the GUI source is available under NDA. I would like to be able to mod these and brand them for customers. I might, in the process, be able to assist with things like the above…

    This device has great potential.

    AJ Cohen
    Galaxy Software, LLC

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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