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    I get link could not be created when trying to add this device also, (sme problem with EZSnsRF) although I can interogate it with smart suite. If I hit yes to add device without link, it shows up as other.

    What am I doing wrong?

    EZServer Firmware 1.58

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    See the response to your EZSnsRF question. Same situation.


    EDIT: added link to question/answer under EZSnsRF

    EDIT2: the inability to put a responder link in the EZIOxx at device add time does not affect the ability of EZSrve Scene Management to add links between the EZIOxx and EZSrve later on.

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    I just did the following activities on Image 1.58 to be sure Image 1.58 did nothing to prohibit creating links between the EZIO2X4 and EZSrve. Also tested the Macro Group number recognition introduced at Image 1.58.

    Used the SHN Utility connected to EZSrve to set Input 3 (AN1) to Group 3 and Input 4 (AN2) to Group 4.

    Used EZSrve Scenes Management to create a link from the EZIO2X4 Input 3 (as controller, Unit 03) to EZSrve as the responder. Used EZSrve Scenes Management to create a link from the EZIO2X4 Input 4 (as controller, Unit 04) to EZSrve as the responder.

    Created 4 EZSrve macros:

    M2X4I3On If Device: DEZIO2X4 Does: 1103 Then Device: LampLinc Does: ON

    M2X4I3Off If Device: DEZIO2X4 Does: 1303 Then Device: LampLinc Does: OFF

    M2X4I4On If Device: DEZIO2X4 Does: 1104 Then Device: LampLinc Does: 1180

    M2X4I4Off If Device: DEZIO2X4 Does: 1304 Then Device: LampLinc Does: OFF After Delaying: 00 00 10

    Input 3 (AN1) ON turns On the LampLinc at full intensity.
    Input 3 (AN1) OFF turns Off the LampLinc
    Input 4 (AN2) ON turns On the LampLinc at half intensity.
    Input 4 (AN2) OFF turns Off the LampLinc after 10 second delay

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    I’m trying to have Toggle link cause this thing to close an ouput.
    When I add ezio with easy serve, it tells me it can not add link.
    I tried again and am still able to talk to this thing with Simple home net utility.
    Can it be a firmware problem with the ezio device. If so how do I upgrade it and where do I get the firmware.

    V 26

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    Not all Smarthome and Simplehomenet products support adding that link when the device definition is added to EZSrve. That is one of the reasons the option “Would You Like To Create An Insteon Link? is provided when the device definition is Saved. Select NO when asked that question. It is not required for the EZIO2X4 to function correctly. All the linking and macro activity that I posted earlier was done with one of my V25 EZIO2X4s that was added with the NO option. You will have the same situation if you add a Smarthome ControLinc to EZSrve. Select NO when adding a ControLinc. Just as with the EZIO2X4, it has no affect on the operation of the ControLinc.

    EDIT: For the ToggleLinc to activate an Output relay, use EZSrve Scenes Management to create a link between the ToggleLinc and the EZIO2X4. The ToggleLinc will be the controller, Unit 01. The EZIO2X4 will be the responder with LD1 00, LD2 00, LD3 00 to control Output Relay 1. Set LD3 to 01 to control Output Relay 2. There are other combinations of data that LD1,LD2,LD3 can be set to for the ToggleLinc to set the Output Relays to a predefined pattern of On and Off. Refer to the EZIOxx Link Records document in the Downloads section for a description of the various combinations that can be specified in LD1,LD2,LD3.

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    So how do I set LD1 00, LD2 00, LD3 01

    The choices for LD1 are 0% through 100%
    (maybe 0%)
    for LD2 are .1 secs to 5 mins
    (maybe .1?)
    and LD3 I can put in 1 for relay 2.


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    Download the EZSrve Operating Guide from the Downloads section. It covers the features added in 1.57 which include the ability to set the LD1 and LD2 values. For LD1, from the pulldown, click on Select Value. This will place the words Select Value in the LD1 input field. Hit the keyboard delete key to clear the words Select Value from the LD1 input field. This allows the input field to accept the 00 or any of the other possible values described in the EZIOxx Link Records doc. The same technique is used for the LD2 field. This technique is also used for setting 4 hex digits in the Macro Does: fields added in 1.57.

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    When I follow the instructions to set ld1 to 0 and ld2 to 0 as suggested in your message, , and hit the save button, I get error message “Please enter a valid value for device”. What am I misunderstanding? It appears to be related to the ld1 field.

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    Set LD1 to 00 and LD2 to 00 and LD3 to 01 for relay 2. The fields are expecting two hex digits.

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