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    I’ve got a new EZServe (a couple weks old) and have not been able to get any X10 devices to turn on or off using either the web interface or timers. When signals are sent, the light blinks, if I use my X10 remote, the lights blink. invested in a Boosterlinc, an its lights do not blink when the EZServe sends commands. Even with the EZServe plugged into the Boosterlinc and X10 lamp module plugged into same receptacle no response from EZServe. X10 works fine from remote to receiver across the house even without boosterlinc.

    Any Ideas. Didn’t work on 1.51, flashed to 1.53, still no success.

    I have noticed the unit gets extremely warm almost too hot to hold on to.

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    A question, when using the X10 remote, do you receive the X10 signal on the EZSrve?

    The EZSrve + Boosterlinc should give you more than sufficient signal strength – also, the unit should not be getting so hot to the point that it is difficult to touch (it can get warm though).

    Try the X10 unit in a nearby (but not same) receptacle.

    Do you have Insteon devices, and if so, can you communicate to them?

    Please feel free to call us or email us directly (support@simplehomenet.com) for faster response times if you would like.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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