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    Just received the updated ezbridge..thanks! When I try to open up the ezserve GUI it ask me for a user name and password. I’ve tried ezbridge as the user and simplehome as the password I’ve even trying upper and lower case and ezserve as the user. End result I’m not able to log on to the GUI.

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    I can get into the unit through the “normal” method (port 8002), but can’t get into the web gui.

    Has the XML interface been updated, or just the web? It returns version 0.10 now, instead of 1.14.

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    I had the same problem too, but tried the defaults for Netsilicon hardware:

    user name: root
    password: Netsilicon

    Worked for me!


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    Now that I’ve got the right UserID and PW …Thanks Russ I’m having a problem logging on to EZserve GUI from virtual IP using a private port (8002) it times out If I use the old Ezbridge interface it will connect using the virtual IP with the private port 8002. Note I have 5 web camears and 2 NAS boxes that have no problems with the way I set up the virtual IP’s and private ports.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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