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    My two year old EZServe has stopped responding to any of the standard communications mechanisms including the HTML interface, the SHN Utility Suite and even the Java Discovery tool. The problem started following a reset of the EZServe from the HTML interface after adding a new ICON dimmer. Following the reset I was not able to connect to the EZServe from any of the tools. I tried a power down / power up sequence and observe that the EZServe appears to go through a normal sequence of blinks of the two status LEDS ending in a state where the “link has been detected” LED is ON solid and the “Network data is being transmitted” LED is blinking. Checked my router connected devices list and did not find the EZServe in the list. Not sure what to do next other than consider a replacement?

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    Did you “Restart” or “Reset” the EZSrve?

    From the EZSrve User Guide …

    The “Reset” button clears all the internal information (data files), restores EZSrve to its factory settings and performs a hardware reset (re-boot) of the EZSrve.

    The “Restart” button forces a re-boot without changing any data.

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    Sorry, I used the wrong word. All I did was a RESTART.

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