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    I have two EZRain sprinkler controllers connected to EZServe running firmware 1.52. It turned out to be a very flakey solution.

    EZServe does not properly get the EZRain status (shows it off even though the thing is on or vice versa, displays same information when I switch between devices etc), pump control gets activated even though I keep disabling it in the device setup (and clicking “write”), so I end up with zone X and zone 8 running at the same time.

    Programs seem to be running OK, just the status does not show properly.
    When I tried to run timers, first time nothing happened. Another time the timers executed OK, but I lost a way to display the status under Device View. I just restarted EZServe using “Restart” button under Server Control, and ended up losing the programs on both EZRains (or maybe lost the display of programs). Clicking on “Get Data” shows all zeroes. The timers and other data did not disappear, but the check mark by “Enable Pump Control on Valve 8” appeared on the first EZRain, so I ended up disabling it for the Nth time.

    The hardest part of this is that the errors are difficult to reproduce, sometimes everything works for a day or two before weird things happen.

    The only thing that seems to be consistently working OK is turning individual valves manually via browser. Manual activation of programs worked too until the programs disappeared.

    Does this appear to be EZServe issue, or both of my EZRains are bad? I purchased everything a couple of months ago.

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    From the sound of it, this is not normal operation. We have customers using both successfully, such as


    Please contact us – it will be much quicker to figure out what is going on.

    Phone: 877-495-0144 or 949-429-3303

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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