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    I bought and installed 2 EZRains last week. I setup a timer function through the ISY99i-IR/PRO to turn each of the 16 valves on, wait x minutes, turn off and then do the same with the next valve. Some of the areas looked dry so I setup a program linked to a keypadlinc button where each valve would turn on, wait 1 minute, turn off and then do the same with the next valve. This way it would only take 16 minutes to verify that everything was functional instead of about 90 minutes for the regular watering cycle.

    So far it has still not made it through this 16 minutes cycle and turned all 16 valves on and off. But it is random as to which valve(s) do not turn on. If it was the same valve each time, I would suspect something with the valve or wiring. Also, I looked at the event log in the ISY software and it showed for each valve the ON command, the confirmation that the status was 100%, the OFF command and the confirmation that the status was 0%. When I looked at the log, all of the log entries for the 2 valves that did not turn on looked identical to the 14 valves that did turn on. Also, the same random problem has happened to valves on both EZrains.

    I replaced two X10 Irrmasters with the 2 EZRains and really want these EZRains to work. So far all of my other Insteon devices have been 100% reliable which is an extremely pleasant change from having a large houseful of X10 devices driving me crazy. This was my first purchase of Simplehomenet products – all of my other Insteons have been Smarthome except for the ISY.

    What should I do? Thanks

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    Please contact support@simplehomenet.com or call us directly. We will be happy to help you get your setup working.

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    I’m very eager to understand and correct the set up you have, so please call us. If you get our voice mail, please leave a number and best time to reach you.

    I’m assuming your experiment of triggering a program with a KPL button was done on each unit separately, for 8 valves at a time, correct? When using multiple EZRains, each one has to be addressed separately, that is, programs would be separate for each set of 8 valves.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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